The beginning

Where to begin….

I can’t believe we’ve been living here in the middle of nowhere for nearly a decade. It all started with a long-dreamed-about trip to volunteer at Best Friends Animal Sanctuary with my then boyfriend, Steve. A few years prior, I received a magazine from a girl at work called “Best Friends” which was all about this animal sanctuary in remote southern Utah were hundreds of homeless animals were looking for homes. The magazine had information about how you could go there and volunteer, walk some dogs, play with goats, feed horses, cuddle with cats and so on. You could even take dogs on sleepovers to your hotel. It pretty much looked like the best place ever. A few years later, I started dating Steve and I convinced him that we needed to go here — and volunteer (and take dogs on sleepovers) — and meanwhile we could also take some side excursions to the Grand Canyon. I think we booked the travel arrangements that very day.

 This was taken during our first trip to Kanab. Steve and I peering over the edge of the Grand Canyon.

We spent a week at Best Friends (yep, walking dogs and spoiling them rotten at our hotel) and that’s when I fell in love. With Steve (my now husband) and the Sanctuary. And Utah.

Within 3 months Steve and I quit our day jobs in Pennsylvania, sold Steve’s home, bought a new home (only seen once!), packed up our furkids and said goodbye to the life we left behind. Our parents thought we were crazy. But we were following our dreams. Besides, we wouldn’t stay forever. I mean, 3 years tops. Right?

At Zion National Park

But life had other plans. We got married (at the Sanctuary!) and then had a kid (Harry — he’s 7 now. He’s a desert rat). Two years (and 2 dogs) later we had another human child (J.J. — he’s 5 and full of sass). They are now in school. We’ve fallen deeper in love with Kanab. We spend every free moment with our feet in the red dirt of southern Utah — which has slowly seeped further into our soul. I love it here. I hope you enjoy seeing some killer photography of this wonderful, weird and unique place we call home.

Harry, a few months old, at Tuweep

Starting the kids off early at Kanarraville Canyon

Camping under the stars at Sooner Rocks in Escalante, UT

Recent pic with our mellow malamute, Flora, overlooking Marble Canyon.
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