Spelunkin’ a few miles from home

Livin’ the dream (… of a 7 year old Indiana Jones)

There are some caves just north of town that I’ve been spying for a while now. We’ve explored a bunch of local sand caves, but these loom high above the desert land below, and I wasn’t quite sure how we’d get to them. I tried to take the kids when their dad was in PA, but JJ was freaking out the entire time so I figured I better wait until Steve got back 🙂 There’s a really creepy backwoods shed, with a couple of overturned cars in a ditch… along the way…. and yeh, it actually is a little unsettling. But now daddy’s home! Yay! So, tonight I promised Harry we’d go find these dang caves.

en route to those holes in the mountain over yonder

Wee! Wow, actually this cave is a LOT bigger than I thought!

sand angels 🙂

the beauty of nature (just disregard that graffiti to the left)

Look at these colors! Wowzers!


The happiest scrunt EVER

more explorin’ (next time we need to bring headlamps)

JJ on the edge (sweet!)

We’ve been here nearly 10 years now. And we KEEP finding new places to explore. These caves are about 5 miles from our house. It’s pretty awesome. I’m thinking I need to throw a party here. Maybe when I turn 40 🙂

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