Sand dunes + fluffy malamute = perfect photo op

This afternoon Harry and I decided to go on an adventure. I wanted to stay close to home and nothing too strenuous (it was already late afternoon and the sun would be setting in a couple of hours). We brought our sweet, mellow mute along with us and headed out with no real destination in site.

Our first stop was a lone road 8 miles north of Kanab. We just parked the xterra and started to hike. The views were pretty incredible no matter which way you looked. We stopped for a pic.

I asked Harry where he wanted to go next. Sand dunes! I love the coral pink sand dunes in Kanab, UT. If you go at the perfect time of day, you can get the most amazing photos of the vibrant pink sand against the deep blue skies. I really love it here. I was so happy he chose this park as part 2 of our adventure.

I don’t really have much to say, so here are a bunch of drool-worthy photos of this incredible place (which is literally in my backyard). Disclaimer: lots of Flora pics ahead 🙂

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