Zion yadda, yadda

It’s that time of the year when I become completely obsessed with getting the perfect photo for our christmas card (note: this is not it!!!) I actually feel bad for my family because I will do just about anything to get that ONE shot… it could be freezing out (which is was) or we might need to climb up some steep, slippery rocks (we did) but ultimately we WILL get that shot (I DID!! but I won’t unveil that here).

The coolest part about living in southern Utah, within 20 miles of Zion, is that we always find something new here that we didn’t even know existed! On this adventure we discovered totally new petroglyphs!! FREAKIN AMAZING!

Check this out…

Etched big horn sheep petroglyphs in Zion National Park

More sheep!

The petroglyphs we so cool… but just as we were hiking back out, we saw this guy:

This dude looks familiar!

Here are a few more pics from yesterday’s outing. I’m sure one day my kids will be in therapy from their mother’s psychotic photo taking obsession.

More petroglyphs

It’s still fall in Zion šŸ™‚

such pretty colors
“mom, I’m COLD. Are we done yet???”

Brotherly love. Awe.

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