Post T-giving adventure to Cobra Arch

A few snaps from our recent adventure to Cobra Arch. We took the kiddos this time, not sure how they would handle the distance and/or terrain. Harry impressed us with an 8 mile roundtrip, his longest ever, without any whining — and it was pretty strenuous! We are so proud of him! I’m too tired to caption these — but pretty much, Cobra Arch (and the hike there…) rules. Werd.

I DO actually have to caption this one. Our scrunt, Mack, is seriously THE BEST hiking buddy anyone could ask for. He is such an awesome trail pooch. Yay Mack!

Our awesome crew — Lisa and Darren, Maude and Tucker. Harry, JJ, Steve, Mackie and me. 🙂 xoxo

Let’s just say we got a lot of use out of these jeans today 🙂

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