Ruins close to home

JJ checks out some ancient dwellings

We’ve lived in Kanab for 10 years now so it always comes as a surprise when we find new “secret” place to explore. A friend told me about these wonderful, ancient ruins a couple weeks ago and before taking the family, my friend Molly and I scouted them out. Today was a beautiful 60+ December afternoon and we thought it would be perfect to head out and explore w/ the kiddos.

The ruins are just a few miles North of Kanab, but they’re hidden. And that’s why they are still in such great condition. It makes me sad to see so many local treasures defaced by vandals.

Mackie doesn’t mind being bottom of the totem pole

A fun little stop along the way

Perched on a cliff, these ruins are older than our country 🙂

Ho hum, just another ruin.

At least someone seems impressed 🙂

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