Grand to Grand Ultra – I’m IN!

I’m kind of freaking out right now.

Something pretty amazingly terrifying and awesome just happened. I received this email that says:

“Dear Jill,
We are pleased to advise that you have been awarded the local scholarship for Grand to Grand Ultra 2015.”


The Grand to Grand Ultra is the only self supported stage foot race in North America – 6 stages, 7 days, 167 miles. SELF SUPPORTED. That means you must carry everything — food for 7 days, gear (like your sleeping bag, met, etc.. everything).

This is a photo of my friend Julie (in front) during one of the toughest stages of the race in 2013.

Photo: Courtesy of Grand to Grand Ultra

A description of the race from the G2G website:

Participants will encounter a mix of desert and other terrain including hard packed sand, soft sand, sand dunes, forest trails, red rock climbs, rocky roads and slot canyons. The starting line is situated at a remote location on the north rim of the Grand Canyon with breathtaking vistas at an altitude of 5344 feet (1629 meters). Campsite 1, which is your campsite on the evening before the start of the race, is close by.

The finish line is on the summit of the Pink Cliffs of the Grand Staircase and provides participants with a rewarding view back over the course that you will have just completed. From an altitude of 8658 feet (2636 meters), look back over the cliffs and enjoy the most amazing panoramic landscape of your journey framed by hoodoos and two billion year old rock formations.

Throughout the course, you will trek by geological mesas, buttes and cliffs and enter into a series of unique canyons, hollows and valleys. Part of the long stage will have you cross the majestic coral pink sand dunes. One special highlight is when the course takes you into an isolated slot canyon. Keep an eye out for wildlife and flora along the route including the endangered California Condors, big horn sheep, mule deer and unique cacti.


Stay tuned as I prepare (and freak out) for this most amazing opportunity of a lifetime. I’m ready. Bring it on! 

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