Adventure Time at Yellow Rock

Today was a pretty great day.

pretty cheeeezy, I know.

We went on an epic, amazing hike with some pretty amazing friends. J.J. didn’t whine AT ALL (ok, maybe like one time…)

Behold — Yellow Rock.

Yes, it’s really THIS yellow. Pretty awesome 🙂

The hike to Yellow Rock is a relatively short hike, just west of the Cottonwood Road in the Grand Staircase-Escalante National Monument. But it’s tough. The going requires some steep scrambling and is fairly strenuous. Rocks are very loose and.. did I mention steep? The kiddos were real troopers. They remind me of mountain goats! So fast and agile, no slowing down.

Tucker Photo Bomb!!!

Just another Sunday afternoon outdoors

This trio reached the summit first

Lucky little kiddos

Nothing beats an afternoon outdoors with your pooch

Me and my best hiking bud

Goofing around on the world’s most gigantic yellow rock

Love these two, mother and daughter. Both amazing ladies.

Mackie enjoying the great outdoors.

Yellow Rock is a gigantic playground filled with unreal colors and scenery that will blow your mind.

Come visit us and we’ll take you here!

Us 🙂

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