Time to get serious — 2 weeks til Antelope Canyon 50 miler

I’m going for round 2 at the Antelope Canyon 50 miler on Feb 21. I am SO EXCITED!

Antelope Canyon was my first foray into the world of ultrarunning last year. My slightly crazy friend Cory (I mean that in the very best way) convinced me that since Antelope Canyon was “in my neck of the woods” (not really — but close enough) I should just go for it. You know, just go run 50 miles.. no big deal (side note: Cory ran 205 miles IN ONE RACE last year — see? crazy!) I took him up on that and I could not be more grateful for the lil’ nudge. Within a year I ran 3 ultras (taking first place in the Grand Canyon 50!) and was named as an Ambassador for Ultra Adventures!

Here are some pics from last year

Precariously running alongside a cliff overlooking the Colorado River

A few miles into the race, early morning.

Heading into a super awesome slot canyon. We had to climb down steep sand hills and even climb up and down very high ladders. Fun and scary!

Mother Nature decided to make things a bit harder

The incomparable Antelope Canyon

Desert views

About halfway done. I was never so happy to see my family at the aid station (why I’m smiling!! crying on the inside LOL)

My beautiful handmade navajo medal. I earned this!!

After a couple of months dealing with the most annoying running injury, IMO (plantar fasciitis) I am on the road to recovery and ready to kill it this year! Look out 🙂

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