The Huntress! A secret slot canyon in Kanab.

I heard about this cool little slot canyon just north of Kanab that was fairly easy to hike to. You can’t really find directions online and so this made the journey even more exciting for us. We loaded up and brought Flora along for the adventure. Check out these pics!

Heading down the wash to find THE HUNTRESS!

Taking a quick rest with our favorite girl

Flora wonders “how did I get so lucky???”

70 degrees in February. That’s sand, not snow!

I love this pic. Great colors, rad swirls, cute boy.

Brothers in awe

JJ the explorer


Flora is a just a wee bit too large.. er… fluffy… to climb up into the slot.

Dad and his boys

Just chillin’ in nature

I will never, ever, take this wonderful wacky surreal place for granted. We are so lucky to live here!

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