Other-worldly Adventures – White Pocket, AZ

There’s this place. It’s called White Pocket.

I kinda feel like I landed on another planet

White Pocket is logistically difficult to get to. It’s in the middle of nowhere and to get here it takes a really good 4wd (on most days) with high clearance (we love our Xterra!!) and you have to have pretty good navigation skills. The sandy “roads” that lead you to this wonderland are deep and rugged. But let me tell you — it’s worth the effort.

Power to the She

Happy little clams

desert oasis

JJ gets a lift from dad (when is this kid gonna pull his own weight?!)

White Pocket is a destination that many people will never ever see in their lifetime. So here’s the deal — wanna go see? Come visit me! We’ll take you 🙂

We went with our awesome friends The Hiatt Fam. See, they have a 4wd, but like I mentioned you need the right kind of 4wd w/ HIGH CLEARANCE. After a few attempts to make it to the trail head, their car was just not gonna do it. So we piled in the trusty Xterra, clown car style (4 adults, 4 kids and 2 large dogs) Please — do NOT underestimate the dangers of going out alone in the wild west. Pack shovels, tow ropes, and enough water for 2-3 days.

My sweet marshmallow of a dog

Getting in some trail work for my upcoming 50 miler next weekend!

cooling off

Thank goodness for strong dads 🙂

JJ gets a lift from his buddy Sam

Next weekend I’m going for it — at the Antelope Canyon 50 miler. White Pocket was a stop on the Antelope Canyon Trifecta (read about this opportunity here if you are into running in amazing scenery and with seriously cool people!!!) I’m so glad we had the perfect weather and perfect friends to come along on this adventure. xoxo

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