This guy = best Zion hike ever!


Early spring is the very best time to go to Zion National Park in my opinion. Here are some reasons why!

1.) No crowds! That’s really the best reason and I could stop right here. Except….

2.) Bighorn sheep.

The end.

Yesterday I drug my family out on a spur of the moment evening getaway to Zion (after much pleading/tears/crying/ripping video game controller from hands of crazy 5 year old Minecraft freak). I LOVE daylight savings. I’m probably in the minority but I just LOVE long, sunny marvelous evenings, even though it hinders bedtime for the minions 🙂 I love hiking as the sun starts setting. That is when the real magic happens. The little creatures are just starting to emerge from the rocky cliffs and brush.

On our hike to the Zion Overlook, we got to see something really special. First, behold the sheer beauty of Zion:

JJ with the help of a walking stick which is clearly being put to good use 🙂

Fun watching these boys get braver on hikes

Zion National Park — nothing on earth quite like it!

“Wait for me!!!”

One day they might smile nice for a photo op 🙂

On the way back to our car, we saw a group of people quietly freaking out on top of a large rock. Standing there (nibbling) right before us were two large bighorn sheep and SEVEN little babies. Best. Hike. EVER!! I tried to get pics but they were literally so tiny and in the bushes. You can see in the first photo how close we were to the adult 🙂

And, JJ even admitted that the hike was FUN and the sheep were CUTE. Mission accomplished.

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