Camping on the edge of awesome: Muley Point

Our camping spot for the night —  with the best views I’ve ever seen!

Morning sunrise looking out over a panorama of the Goosenecks of the San Juan River

This weekend I had a crazy idea.

It all started formulating in my brain approximately 5 seconds after returning home from my 50 mile race in Monument Valley last weekend.

The day before my epic run, we were touring the Monument and saw a bunch of stray dogs. One in particular really tugged at my heart. She was a scruffy, skinny mess of a dog — but she was extremely sweet and mellow. The kids and I gave her some pets and hugs, but due to time constraints, a big looming run and all that stuff, we had to leave her behind. But I could not get her face out of my mind. I needed to go back — and see if she was still there — and if she was indeed a stray. And, if all of those criteria were met, if she would be so obliged to come home with us.

I’ll make a long story very short. We didn’t find her. Actually, this time as we drove through the Valley,  we didn’t see any strays.

With my heart in my hands, I left devastated. I was sure we’d find her. But it wasn’t in the cards.

But the weekend was just beginning. We were kid-less for the night! And we had a small tent and gear that we borrowed from our friends, and set out to find the perfect spot that would get my mind off of the dang dog.

Steve checks out the sights below (with caution) 🙂 heh

Monument Valley in the distance, Goosenecks of the San Juan River straight ahead

Sunset at our camp <3

The night was perfect! The spot, called Muley Point, was absolutely breathtaking. We were literally camping about 50 feet from a sheer cliff. There were sweeping views south over the twisting, gnarled canyons of the San Juan River. It was such a peaceful location. Just awesome!

Never stop exploring

We woke to a brilliant sunrise. After spending an hour gazing out into the desert, we packed up our things and said good-bye to the most awesome camping spot ever.

We took one final loop through Monument Valley, just in case that silly elusive dog was out scavenging in the early morning. But we didn’t find her.

I’m holding out hope that someone picked her up and will give her a really great life. On our way out I spied something on the slick rock slab below my feet. I’ll take that as a sign 🙂

  • That you guys even went back to try and find her says everything. I choose to believe another kind stranger found her and gave her a home. Fabulous pics, btw. 🙂 ~Lisa

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