South Fork Indian Canyon Pictographs: Rock art near Kanab

Love me some Flava Flav lookin’ rock art

I’m obsessed with ancient cave art. I absolutely love hiking to remote places in the Utah wilderness and seeing this stuff. I try to imagine what the artists must have been thinking (note to self — in my next life I will be an anthropologist). When I posted the above pic on my instagram and facebook, I loved reading other people’s descriptions like “The three cups of coffee gods” or “Wilson” and “Bart Simpson”. I have always thought the top right dude was a little Flava Flavs-ish.

This pictograph site near Kanab, UT has some amazing drawings. Here are even more!

hide and seek dude

alien guy and struck by lightening person w/ kokopelli man

The hike starts out near the coral pink sand dunes state park. You need 4wd to get to the trail head. It’s only about 1.75 miles roundtrip, but you do hike down a nice steep slope (don’t worry, my dad could do it and so could my 7 year old). Totally worth the time and effort!

Dad gettin’ his hiking on

My pop w/ his bro, uncle Brian. Note the amazing wall of cool shiz behind them.

Scrappy Mack along for the ride

Go see this place! But respect the art, yo!

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