White Pocket of Delight

A happy little boy in a great big sandbox

Ever since the first time I saw THAT WHICH IS CALLED WHITE POCKET, I’ve been obsessed. White pocket is a mesmerizing, other-worldly, wacky, colorful, alien, mind-bending place located exactly right in the middle of nowhere. To get there takes some doing. You need 1. A (GOOD) 4wd vehicle 2. Good sense of direction 3. Excellent sand-driving experience 4. guts. Or, you could pay a tour company to get you there but EH, what fun is that? My ‘rents were in from PA along with my adventurous uncle Brian from NC and I was trying to figure out just how exactly we could get this crew out to the pockets. We decided that since IT WAS IMPERATIVE that we go, the only option was to cram into our trusty Nissan Xterra — 5 adults and 2 kids (not to be outdone by the time we crammed 4 adults, 4 kids, and 2 large dogs).

Swirly weird bacon-looking mountains

Uncle Brian surfin’ the wave

My mom and dad awww

Rock jumpin


My little adventurers

More rock surfin’

Love this one of my fam!

White pocket is a great place to explore. It’s a photographer’s DREAM. I like it because you don’t have to walk 1000000 miles to see something amazing. It’s all right there! Just pick up your feet and walk. No huge drop offs (so kids and grandparents are cool for this adventure). Remember to bring a shovel (just in case you get stuck!) Otherwise, have fun!

Life is never boring with this guy xoxo

Grams and JJ — so glad to give them this adventure of a lifetime!

Harry, dad, Uncle Brian, JJ, Mom (and Christmas Cookie in front)


Two of my favorite people!

stompin’ around


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