Grand Canyon Ultra: Get ready for draw-dropping beauty

Are you ready for this? On May16 & 17 this could be YOU at the Grand Canyon Ultra. I love, love love LOVE the Grand Canyon. I’m a little bit sentimental about this particular ultramarathon (hosted by Ultra Adventures — the very BEST when it comes to destination trail races in the southern Utah/AZ area). Last year I took first place female in the inaugural running of the race.

Last weekend, I took my hubs and uncle to Monument Point, just one of the spectacular overlooks of the might GC that runners in the 100 mile and 50 mile distances will be treated to.

Check this out:

Yup, pretty amazing
I was feeling a little brave for this shot 🙂 Don’t do this on tired legs, runners!
Steve stepping out to get a good view of the largest hole on the planet
Aw man. I just can’t. I can’t deal with the beauty!
This could be you (jumping for joy because you will complete one of the most scenic ultramarathons in the world!!!)

What are you waiting for? Sign up today! There are 4 distances: 100m, 50m, 50k, 25k. Take a chance on this one. you won’t regret it  (unless you get too close to the edge…. … I kid, I kid) 🙂

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