The Maze petroglyph panel

The boys discussing the meaning behind those scribbles on that huge rock ahead

A couple of months ago our friend Paul told us about these fantastic petroglyphs nearby (note: we use that term “nearby” in a very relative matter of speaking… considering that the nearest Target is 3 hours roundtrip… so in this instance, nearby means about 45 miles east of Kanab). The panel would be only a short hike and totally kid-doable. Today was our third attempt to find the rock art. And YES! WE FOUND THEM!! WOW!

Mackie makes the trip up to the glyphs with a big smile 🙂

The route was actually very easy, in hind sight. But you have to know where to go and what to look for (something we were a little sketchy on). We first had to walk through a ginormous field of sage brush. It’s been raining in the desert for nearly a month now (at least it feels that way!!) and so if you can imagine a wonderfully green, fragrant landscape that stretches on as far as the eye can see… you can get a glimpse at what we waded through.

Smiley Flora the mally came along with us.

Sharing a polka-dot rock moment

Love these two

My mini-me all smiles, lookin’ for treasure

Rocks!! Rawr!!

Check out this crazy rock art! Wha?!

Swirls and cool stuff with dad

Dad and the boys heading back through the sage. Can you spot them?

close up of the maze, two-headed snake thing, and whatever that top thing is.


Get out. Unplug. Explore! 🙂 peace xoxo

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