JJ’s EPIC Minecraft Party

Six! Wha?!?

Yesterday all Nethers broke loose at our house when a gaggle of kiddos showed up to celebrate THIS little munchkin’s sixth birthday.


If you have a kid who’s anywhere from 4 – 16… oh heck, even 36.. years old, you probably know FARR too much about Minecraft. Since JJ was turning the big S.I.X. I really wanted to do something special for him. And now, quite frankly, I also know FARRRR too much about this blocky game of creativity and zombies and creepers. I do have to admit, planning this party was pretty fun. And cheap! It turned out super cute and everyone seemed to have a very fun time.

Party Food!

Explosive Redvines

Krispy blocks!

Jewels 🙂 Mint m&ms and cookies and cream kisses

grassy blocks – brownies with green dyed coconut shreds

gold and fish.. rolos and goldfish crackers

Lava and Water!


This was all so easy to do! If there are any other moms reading this, I downloaded free Minecraft Food Labels here.

I got the free printable Creeper labels here.

For goodies bags, I ordered some neat bracelets off of etsy here and also some really cool shoe bling from the same place. Check them out!

And lastly, Steve and I made these seriously awesome bookmarks (cuz who doesn’t love to read?!?). My cool friend Jenny (who incidentally works at the library!!) lent us her laminater and paper cutter which made them look super professional. And I downloaded free Minecraft bookmark templates here!

steve, zombie, creeper, and of course Enderman (Zombie Pigman, Hugh O’brien, pig, and exploding creeper not shown)

If anyone out there reading this knows a whole lot about Minecraft, can you please tell me who that one character is that looks like Steve but w/ white eyes? My kids are saying Hare O Brien?? or something like that.. .but I googled it and found Hugh O’brien. Please, for the love of everything Minecraft, tell me WHAT IS THE RIGHT NAME???

Anyhow, so that was our fun day! Here are some more candid kid shots playing and having super amounts of fun.

Brooke is all smiles under the Ocelot

Party Games! We had a treasure hunt in our deserty back yard. Fun!

Matthew is all creppered out for the party

The tramp and star tower were lots of fun


Daddy created this super SUPER cool sign in Minecraft for JJ

JJ made these cute directions, by the way. Super easy. SUPER cheap… square plates from Dollar Tree and streamers.

Well, there you have it. Another year older. And I think I deserve mother of the year, don’t you? At least some wine!

  • Kids seem to be really excited for the fabulous celebration. Food arranged is the best and cake is nice too. Was invited for a lovely baby shower of my neighbor last week. Loved the entrance and interior wall paintings done at venues in Los Angeles in cute shades. Also the tea party snacks were mouth watering. Gender reveals cake was attractive too.

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