A new furry addition

Wow the month of June just kinda got right out from under me. I was just thinking “you know, I should update my blog,” and come to see it’s been over a month!

A lot has happened in a month. The biggest news is that we have a new furry family member. THIS is Swagger.

“Swagger” aka Swaggy, Swagstep, Swagmaster, Swagger Chillstep

We were definitely not looking for another dog. But as fate would have it, Swags needed a new home because his family was not able to keep him. And as I pondered if we could possibly take him (for like 10 seconds)… I decided that I must listen to my inner animal rescuer voice and ultimately said “Welcome home, boy. You’ll love it here.” (note: he does. he does love it here. a lot!)

So far he’s fitting in swimmingly

Swaggy, swimming. Heh.. like how I did that there? Swimmingly.. he’s swimming… nevermind.

He’s been camping, adventuring, loving life, being awesome.

“I’m awesome.”

I picture him saying things like… “is this for real? i’m camping? I’m running around without a leash and stuff? I got a family with kids and cats and hotdogs? wha???”
Swaggy loves his big sister, Flora. The feeling is mutual. They are buds.

“Squeeeeeee!! I’m soooo happpyyyyyyyy!!”

The very best news is that Swagmaster Chillstep Williams is also a fan of cats. I mean, he really loves them. He loves Dexter. And Dexter is obvs happy to oblige anything with a pulse to give him love and attention.

Today Swags is getting neutered. I’ll leave it at that… as not to embarrass him with details of the procedure but let’s just say he’s in good hands and as Bob Barker would say “please remember to spay and neuter your pets.” It’s very important to do this so that less animals end up in shelters (dogs and cats can get pregant at 4 months!!)

And in closing, here are just a bunch more pics of our new silly, fun-loving goofball. Swaggy, you kinda hit the jackpot, just sayin’.

Best Buddies JJ and his new brother

Smiley spotted fuzzball

Handsome dude
“Thanks for the new toy, mom” (seriously, huskies are devious, thieving creatures.)


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