Waterfalls, giant petroglyphs, and arches make me happy

Hanging out with the herd

I always get this giddy little feeling when I find out about “secret” rock art sites. While I was off running the Capitol Reef 50k and KILLING IT, my fam was out exploring. My friend Matt told us about this SWEET spot with gigantic pictographs. There was also a waterfall nearby. Steve took the boys and found the pictographs during my run. The next day he took me (and a bunch of our friends) to check it out.

Just another day playing in a giant sand box with thousand year old art on that wall back there..

After checking out the pictos, we found the sweet little single track heading into the great wild open. We were pretty sure this would take us to the oasis.. the waterfall…

I love this!!! All the kids under the waterfall 🙂

Kanab runners representin’

Gorgeous views
I love this picture of my friend Alan (who ran the half marathon) and Emery.

These kids have the life! Reed the little explorer.

🙂 chillin’ (literally — it was a little nippy in this alcove)

I met Emery when she was only minutes old. Look how big she is!!! And cute! sigh.

Utah skies — can’t beat ’em

Em and her mama. Two of my favorite people!

You can see the panel peeking out behind the sage brush.

We also spent some time hiking around Capitol Reef National Park! It was really pretty there. Very remote. It just may be one of the most under rated National Parks in Utah. It is stunning!!!


Feeling a bit like the only inhabitants of a new, cool planet.

A family of petroglyphs. These guys are neat!!

Cool natural bridge

Me and my cute little minion posing for a photo op

boulders and neat mountains.

I can’t wait to get back to this remote little corner of Utah. We fell in love with the town of Teasdale. If anyone from Teasdale is reading my blog and wants to sell me their house, please let me know. ha!

Peace out!

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