A nice little afternoon hike with dogs in Kanab

The happiest wolf dogs in Kanab

Kanab is really green right now. We’ve had so much rain lately and the grass is going crazy. The flowers are exploding. The temps are perfect. It was a great day to take our new kid, Swagger, out on an off-leash hike. I’m training Swaggy to be my running pacer. He needs to be good off-leash and respond to his name and not stray too far.

A scenic side canyon just north of Kanab

I really love the desert. But I think that my dogs might love it even more. There’s nothing better than watching them explore the lowlands and the craggy red rock mountains.

Swaggy makes it up the dry fall

Mack and Swags enjoy a mud bath 🙂

Dad and Flora wait patiently below

I found this weird thing?

Yeeeee! So happy!! Running free!!

Super Swags!

Datura: look, but don’t eat 🙂

Swaggy outside this shady shack

honey bees!! carrying pollen!!!

How pretty is my town? SErIOUSLY?

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