Trail running in Kanab – to a waterglyph

The Grand to Grand Ultra is just around the corner. It’s something like 50 days away (YIKES! I mean.. YAY!!!) So I’ve been training my butt off to get ready. I love trail running. But mostly I love trail running in my beautiful town of Kanab and the surrounding hills.

My trail bud, Swagger, investigates a strange rock formation next to the trail

Most of my training has been in the gym (lifting) or in the dunes (Up and down. Then back up and back down. Repeat an insane number of times until you want to die.)

This morning I opted for a slightly less sandy route right up north of town in the north fork of Hog Canyon. I started my trip in Crocodile Canyon (trailhead is located just off the public road that goes through Best Friends Animal Society). Swag and I set out before the sun came up. I am completely in love with this special time spent with my dog. I can’t believe I never had a dog pacer before!! He definitely makes this more fun.

I love running on remote trails because of this right here!

When we stopped for a water break we found  some wonderful pieces of pottery!

I chose this particular route because my friend Mica told me that there was a magnificent waterglyph carved into a rock in a remote location out yonder. It is believed that waterglyphs are directional makers pointing toward sources of water made by the ancestral Pueblo people.

Swags and I were determined to find it, but it was getting late and I knew we’d have to turn around soon. Wouldn’t you know, as we turned to go back I noticed an odd rock near a small pull out and lo and behold there was the glyph!

Swaggy inspects the glyph

Pretty cool, huh?

 Just as we were about to be done with our run, I remembered some other cool ruins nearby so of course we bushwhacked our way to those real quick (I knew Swags would want to check them out).

hidden ruins, probably thousands of years old

Pretty sweet run. I sure feel lucky to live in Kanab. The possibilities of exploration are endless. Every single week I find something new!

So now — get out and explore your own neck of the woods, would ya? xoxo

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