Birthdays Elevated

Harry turned 8 years old today. Just what do you get for the kid who doesn’t really want anything more than a cool hike, a day where everyone is happy, or to sit around with an ipad and ask Siri questions like “how do I dig a tunnel to China?” Harry is a very unique brand of kid. He’s patient, compassionate, shy, introverted, silly, sensitive and SMART. He wants to be a pilot (so he can go and see his grammy(s) whenever he wants. He loves all things aircraft (and minecraft.. but today we’re talkin’ flight).

We’ve driven by Zion Helicopter in Hurricane, UT a million times and I got this idea that maybe his birthday present would not be something he could hold in his hands, but rather an experience that he’ll remember for a lifetime.

Maybe the very best present ever? šŸ™‚

Ready for lift off

seriously, watch this! This is some fun stuff right here…

I have to admit, I was a little scared but the pilot and staff at Zion Helicopter were so wonderful at putting my fears at ease. They were so good with kids, too. Both kiddos were a wee bit nervous šŸ™‚ But the pilot went over all of the neat dials and steering stick, how to turn and maneuver the copter… Harry thought that was cool. We had weather issues when we first arrived but the staff was so accommodating to our schedule that we were able to fly later in the day when the storms had passed.

Oh man, so… we got to fly over a volcano (what!!?) and Snow Canyon State Park. We hovered over sand hollow reserve and waved to ATV people and hikers (pretty cool and I found some new trails to run!!)


Over Snow Canyon from my iphone

Pretty views of southern Utah

Pilot in training
JJ taking his job of co-pilot very seriously!!

St. George looking prettier than ever

I think Steve may have been the most excited šŸ™‚

I gotta say, if Harry isn’t talkin’ about this one when he’s 80 to his great grand kids I’m gonna be pretty bummed šŸ™‚ Overall awesome day and awesome ride. Check out Zion Helicopter next time you are looking to see Zion and the surrounding landscape from a different vantage point. xoxo

  • What an amazing birthday HARRY …! So fun! I can't wait till you come and visit PA when you get your pilot's license! I want to sit up front!! Love …. Grammy B. ā¤ļøšŸš

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