Running with Dogs

My training for the G2G Ultra is underway (in a big way!) and with only 45 days to go until the event, I’ve been focusing on the terrain which is going to be the hardest to conquer. Swags has been my pacer over the past couple of weeks. He’s an amazing athlete! And I can’t imagine running in these remote desert locations without him. (plus, he looks a little wolfy so I kinda feel like I have a furry bodyguard by my side)

Me and my one-wolf pack

I’m new to running with dogs. Flora is too “fluffy” and would prefer to sleep, and Mack is just plain lazy. But Swag has so much energy and endurance that we make a perfect team! I would love suggestions and comments from others who run with their dogs on how you guys fuel up before and during the run. Does your dog wear his own pack? Do you bring special doggy protein bones? 🙂 Seriously though… I want to make sure he’s getting the right fuel to keep him healthy.

Cuz I KNOW he’s happy 🙂 Check these out:

A giant sand box to get lost in

Pure happy

Taking a breather (with killer views)

Of course Swagger finds the steepest dunes to run up


Stay tuned for our next adventure 🙂

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