Superman Cave

Superman pictograph near Kanab, UT

This morning we set out to find the illusive “superman cave”in the north fork of Hog Canyon, just north of Kanab. Last attempt it was getting dark and I didn’t want to be burning daylight, especially with 2 kids (one of the whining variety).

Today was our day — with super navigators Lisa and Darren along, we were destined to reach S-man’s lair.

Harry doing his best superman pictograph impression 🙂

An impressive work of art in a very remote amphitheater north of Kanab

 Let’s just say that the trip getting TO the cave was a little itchy and bleedy. Lots of bushwhacking, screaming (from JJ, so take that for what it’s worth), scrambling.. but we made it — and IT.WAS.AWESOME! I think this might be one of my favorite places now. Here’s why — it is seriously so remote. I couldn’t even give directions if I tried. It’s like… go here, look for this, bushwhack. The end.

Another cool looking pictograph in the cave
I call this one hotdog with bandana and cactus surrendering

creepy devil horned picto

I don’t even know..

You can see the scale of the amphitheater. It was very large w/ a lot of pottery and corn cobs

That rock that Harry is looking at is actually a piece of mud w/ rock.. used in foundations of houses/structures

ancient finds (10000 year old corn cobs and stuff…)

Love this trio!

It was another successful day. We found a much better route back to our xterra that did not involve as much bushwhacking (yay!) or bleeding.

I love living here! It’s always an adventure. Wow, we’re lucky!

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