Slipping through the Pariah River to Slide Rock Arch

Ready to slot it up

It doesn’t get much better than an entire day to explore without kids. Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE hiking with my little nuggets, but after a couple of miles, the whining starts (from one particular munchkin who is 6 and who’s name rhymes with K.K.), and you kinda just might want to go back home ๐Ÿ™‚ (I’m holding out high hopes this is a phase….. It is, right??)

So today while the boys played with their good buddy, Jayden, Steve and I got an entire DAY to pick a cool, long hike and just explore. We chose Slide Rock Arch which, recommended by our friends Lisa and Darren.

Super pretty views and very sticky clay and quicksand — fun ๐Ÿ™‚

pariah “windows”

Love this rock varnish. Beautiful!

To get to Slide Rock Arch, you have to walk (wade, slide, sink?) down the Pariah River. It was hovering around 100 degrees today and a lot of the hike was full sun and the “river” was filled with quicksand and slick clay. It was a workout! Nearly 14 miles round-trip. Fun stuff, to say the least. I love this sort of thing.

ahh! love this!!

cool triangle rocks just placed so neatly here. Mother Nature, You RULE.

I really am diggin’ these shots that Steve took. Check out the striped walls. awesomeness!

river rocks, slots, and us!

Rock creature dude

Slide Rock Arch!! Massive! COOL!

Taking cover from the sun.

Even with four miles of slot canyon, the temps were brutal. Even the river was hot! The breeze was hot! Sheesh! I can see how people can get in trouble, fast, out here.

And really — quicksand is no joke. We’ve lost 2 pairs of shoes to it (kid shoes, different occasions) and I was about THIS close today. I always thought, before moving to Utah, that quicksand was this made up thing from Super Mario Bros 3. Yeh, no.

Man, nothing beats this. NOTHING!

Slide Rock

Almost back — hot, sticky, and thirsty. Ready for a nice cold beer.

Days like these — brilliant blue skies (sorry other states, but Utah has you beat), red sand, orange rocks, a rainbow of river rocks, hawks soaring (we actually saw a falcon try to take down a bird about 10 feet in front of our faces), striped walls of deep burgundy, shimmering silver clay, the sound of wind blowing through the canyon, rippling springs.. ugh. Seriously, Utah. I heart you. xoxoxo

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