Crazy cool petroglyph panel #SundayFunDay

Amazing large petroglyph panel in the east fork of the Virgin River

Today we headed to the east fork of the Virgin River (accessed via Elephant Cove near the coral pink sand dunes state park). We heard about some very cool rock art very close to where we dropped down into the river. We loaded up with kids and dogs and friends.. and dogs of friends.. and headed down a long sandy road to the trail head.

Swags and Mona lead the way

Super Swags and Mackie are lovin’ life.. check out that view!!

Taking a break on the trail (JJ and his “parachute”)

I love hikes that involve water. Today is was so hot out and the Virgin River felt so great. The dogs were having the best day ever. And it wasn’t long before we found out side canyon, worn trail, and the path leading to an impressive panel of petroglyphs.

I loved how much variety there was in this panel! swirls, bear tracks, people..

solo dude

We hiked further up stream but the weather forced us to turn around. But not before we were able to cool off and explore.

Nature: 1, JJ:0

We got out just in time, as a massive storm rolled in. We saw a lightening bolt right in front of us on the drive back! (Molly, did you catch that?) 🙂

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