Water Canyon – Our oasis in the desert

A nice photo op with my scrunt, Mack

Water Canyon is a wonderful little watering hole near Colorado City, AZ. However, this past Labor Day it was a great big awesome watering hole after we got dumped on with a sudden but strong downpour the night before.

Steve and I had a rare outing without the boys, so we packed up Mack and Swaggy for a remote place to go hiking. After getting turned around twice due to really bad/clay/muddy/getyourcarstuckforsure roads, we opted for Water Canyon which we knew would be a good place to cool off. We didn’t expect that the pools would be SO deep or that the waterfalls would be SO abundant! Awesomeness!

Swags fell into this narrow little hobby hole 🙂
Look at his cute smile! Happy wolf!

Cooling off

We decided to hike up Canaan Mountain and see what else we could find — we found lots of scary cliffs (which Swagger was very eager to check out .. “it’s ok, mom, I won’t fall off”.. minor heart attacks from mom)

Daredevil dogs

I love Canaan Mountain. It’s so remote and beautiful. Because it had rained so much, we stumbled upon two additional waterfalls, and breathtaking country, of course.

I will never EVER take this for granted

Our view from high above Water Canyon

🙂 Happy

Lucky ducks

The entrance to Water Canyon

This life is pretty great. This Earth is amazing. Get out and explore it! Unplug — and make memories 🙂 xoxoxo

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