Yellow Man

check out this cool dude

This weekend we returned to a familiar spot out near Hurricane, UT where there is a really neat pictograph called Yellow Man (for obvious reasons!). But besides the yellow dude seen in the photo above, this entire area is riddled with petroglyphs, arrowheads, pictographs, and ruins. It’s also gorgeous country with lots of room to explore with friends (the furry kind, too, who can be off leash).

Cool pictos near Yellow Man

Jeez when did my baby get so big? Ugh. In other news, cool petroglyphs above his head.

Can you spot the petroglyphs on the rock wall?

Double trouble (one with attitude)

You know my favorite part about exploring? Finding really random, unexpected treasures. While we were just mulling around, climbing over rocks and ledges, I happened to look over and spot these very faded glyphs. I’ve never seen these mentioned online before!!! Did we discover something new?!?

faded footprints šŸ™‚

can you see those little baby ones on the right side? Neato!

The entire hidden panel

My equally favorite part is sharing these adventures with friends. And these are some of the best friends you can ever get šŸ™‚ Sometimes they even bring cake.

Tucker the wonderdog
One of the coolest chicks I know!

For as much whining as this next little character did, I’m surprised I got a good smiling pic.

Chillin’ on some rocks
Swags in his personal swimming tub, filled with gross water and dead things.
I think this dog is kinda lovin’ his life.

Just a gentle reminder to get out and have adventures. No matter where you live, there’s a great big world out there. So unplug, and get some fresh air. xoxo

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