Kohta Circus

Lower panel at Kohta Circus
Upper panel – So amazing!

This weekend Steve and I had a night away (thanks to Grammy watching the boys overnight). A few years ago I heard of a large petroglyph panel near Mesquite, NV called Kohta Circus. The images looked so amazing but the directions were extremely sketchy online. Recently, a generous blogger reached out to me to exchange routes and he offered up the way to the Circus. Yah! I was so excited!!

The drive to Mesquite is about 2 hours from Kanab. There’s also (conveniently) some big hotels and casinos there, so we were set w/ a room. Now we just needed to trust our directions. Many times these glyphs are just so remote, require a lot of 4wd and hiking. Kohta Circus was not really neither — but they were also just not right in plain view. We needed to hike about 6-7 miles round trip (could have made this shorter but we weren’t too sure our subaru w/ near 200,000 miles and low clearance would make it. So, we parked at the first trail head we found and hoofed it.

Hiking down to get to the glyphs. Probably the most desert-y landscape I’ve ever visited.

You can see me on the left scaling a “boulder” to get closer to the upper glyphs

This was actually a teence bit scary 🙂 Can you spot me in this pic??

More petroglyphs nearby

We saw a LOT of this particular glyph. Any guesses what it could mean??
Comment below if you have ideas what this symbol could mean!!

 We explored more in this general area because I was SURE that the person I got directions from told me there were two panels. We looked and looked, but no dice. So we started to head back when suddenly I heard Steve yell for me 🙂

He found it!

So hard to explain in a photo just how extensive this was!!

The gylphs span this entire lower part of the rock

We were both really giddy, and relieved, to have found this seriously frickin’ awesome panel. Check out these close ups..

weird space man person

Hunter on the right w/ his bow, and big horn sheep got speared

some reindeer

Little alien dude or? I dunno. cool!

Turtle and other cool stuff

Herds and other cool things

Stark, barren desert.

The Kohta Circus is just one of many glyphs in this area. Within just a small (few miles or less?) radius are other well known petroglyphs, the most famous being “Falling Man”. We’ll be back w/ the boys to find this one — but we were eager to get back to our hotel and relax. We were happy to find these cool relics and I’m always trying to figure out what our ancestors must have seen or thought to create such intricate works of art. Post your comments below as to what you think those weird rocket looking ones could mean??!

PS — on a side note, we saw SIX roadrunners! Meep meep 🙂

  • Glad you found it. We too wondered about the anthropomorph that looked like a spaceman. One piece of literature alluded to some sort of ceremonial headdress. But we will never know for sure. When you go to Falling Man, keep looking around, there are dozens and dozens of panels with a couple hundred yards of Falling Man.

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