Our annual trip to Williams, AZ would not be complete without a trip to Bearizona.

Entrance to Fort Bearizona, the walk-through portion of the park

Bearizona is awesome! It is only a 5 minute drive from Williams and located off of iconic route 66. At Bearizona, you get to drive into the Arizona Wilderness and witness animals in natural habitats. I feel good about visiting this park because most of Bearizona’s animal population has been acquired from rescue situations. There are also free, educational programs like the High Country Raptors show (you do NOT want to miss this short, 20 minute program where you get up close with some of the most amazing birds of prey in the world!)

Uh. Hold on to your hats!

Up close and personal… see what I mean!!!?? This beauty grazed my head 🙂

The best time to go to Bearizona is right when it opens or around 10 am. We have found that the animals are most active at this time. We have never been disappointed. As you enter the gates of Bearizona, you are given a small gps device that corresponds with the different areas you drive through. As you cross into a new animal area, Siri’s boyfriend (as JJ call him…) tells you all about the animals you may encounter.

The drive through park always reminds me of Jurassic Park, minus the dinosaurs and terror.

My favorite part — the wolves 🙂


Neat albino buffalos

Cool juvenile black bear

New for 2015 is the opening of their huge crazy awesome gift center! I am not joking when I say that this building ginormous. There is a train exhibit running through the center of the store which is equally exciting for kids (and adults). There is a vast selection of gifts and merchandise (cool stuff – not cheesy). Also coming soon — a restaurant and education center. SWEET! Can’t wait until 2016!

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