Polar Express!

We just returned from our 5th year traveling to the North Pole (aka Williams, AZ) on the Polar Express!! The Polar Express is really the perfect Christmas treat. Each year, for those three days away from the busy life and school and work… our family can enjoy the magic of the season.

Williams Fam 2015

The Polar Express train ride is a 1 hour round trip (give or take) to the North Pole. It starts at the train station in Williams, AKA “the Grand Canyon Railway” (thetrain.com). Williams, Arizona is a charming town nestled at the base of Bill Williams Mountain in one of the largest Ponderosa Pine Forests in the world. When it’s not Christmas time, you can ride the train to the south rim of the Grand Canyon (we need to do this!). The iconic route 66 runs straight down the middle of town.

I love our little getaway in cute mountainous Williams. We always stay at the same place — the lodge on route 66. It’s a cozy place within a block from the center of town. The town was inspiration for the Disney movie, Cars.

Each year we take a pic of the boys at the iconic Route 66 Williams, AZ sign. It really does make me a little weepy to see that Harry is nearly as tall as the W.

The Williams boys at the Williams sign πŸ™‚

(throwback — our first year)

Our first trip — 2011

The boys were super excited and so were we. I love this pic of us at town square πŸ™‚

The freaky cowboy santa is just one of our favorite sites πŸ™‚

Just roaming the streets of Williams in their PJ’s


Cheeeese. “ok mom, now can I get on the train?”


Β The Polar Express in Williams, AZ is the MOST fun family holiday trip and here’s why:

1.) Kids (and parents) wear PJ’s

Allll aboard!

2.) TRAINS!!


3.) More TRAINS!

4.)Β  Kids are very snugly and well behaved on the Polar Express!!

JJ wonders if he’ll be on the naughty or nice list?

Extra snuggles

5.) New friends are made!

6.) You get to go to the North Pole!! For Real!!!!!!! (It’s magic)

7.) Santa stops by to give you a prezzy. ONLY if you’ve been good. So be good! (and the awesome chefs give you cookies and hot cocoa.. and dance in the aisles!!!!!!!)

When we got back to Kanab, Steve said “I wonder if the kids will want to go next year?” Here’s the thing — it doesn’t really matter if you are 6 or 60, you are going to love the Polar Express in Williams, AZ. I am pretty confident we won’t have to twist any arms next year. Merry Christmas πŸ™‚ xoxo

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