Hundred Handprints

Hundred Handprint panel near Escalante, UT

I love, love, LOVE finding new petroglyphs. The hundred handprint petroglyph panel was our awesome find today. The hike to hundred handprints is really easy and fun. It starts at the Escalante River trail head just outside the town of Escalante.

The drive is a bit of a haul from Kanab, but… BUT! You get to drive on scenic highway 12 — the most beautiful in the world (that’s just my opinion… but uhm… check this out..)

Highway 12 just past Escalante

Stopping for photo ops 🙂

A windy, fun road to drive your new WRX on

Right past all of this beautiful-ness is the trail head (literally right at the bottom of this winding road part…) There’s a parking lot and trail head to the left that says Escalante River Trail Head. This is where you park.

The hike is only about 1/2 mile roundtrip. There is a house on the left with a driveway to its right. Go up the driveway just a few feet and you will see a trail take off to the right.

Right before finding the massive handprints panel, there was an equally stunning panel at eye level about 300 yards away. Lots of graffiti and destruction here, though. I really get mad when I see this sort of thing. This rock art is thousands of years old. As you can see below, some of the glyphs have been stolen right out of the mountain wall.

you can see that under the bighorn sheep glyph, the rock is chipped way.

This close up shows how the thieves/vandals tried their hardest to cut these guys out. Sadly, they did appear to get some of it. I hope they fell off the cliff climbing back down.

This area of Utah is just riddled with rock art, ruins, and remnants of ancient inhabitants. As we kepts hiking, Steve was looking all around to find hundred handprints. And then, there, high above, we spotted them.

The panel is inaccessible and perched high above. How did they get up there to make this??

Panel is up high to my left. Can you see it?

This hike ranks high up there on my to-do list. First, it’s short (good w/ kiddos). Second, the panel is just so unique! It also really makes my kids brains think — how did they create those handprints? How did they get up there? It’s fun to hear their answers 🙂

Where are you going to play today?

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