Frozen winter wonderland at Calf Creek Falls

I am really not a fan of cold weather. But over this Christmas break I had such a brainy idea to try and hike to Calf Creek Falls with the boys (last time was about 5 years ago — Harry was around 3 and JJ was 1). Now, Harry is a very good hiker — tons of endurance and loves to be outdoors. JJ would prefer to veg with Dad and play video games, MOSTLY. But today I think the magic of the snow and orange striped canyon walls got to all of us. The hike is a little more than 6 miles and it was a pretty chilly afternoon. I wasn’t sure if we’d actually make it to the falls. But I am very happy to report that not only did we make it there, we killed it on time! 3 hours and we were pretty much the only people in the park!!

The Williams Fam at Calf Creek Falls

I love this pic 🙂

The hike is such a great one — I highly recommend to anyone out near Escalante or Boulder, UT. There is also another hike to UPPER calf creek falls — equally awesome in different ways. But today we opted for the easier route. I was really surprised with how well both kids did — minimal whining and lots of laughing.

They really loved this sign. I am still a little perplexed but .. ok.

No pooping, please!

Along the way to the falls, I remembered the last time we hiked this route. I was still a fairly new mom and was really worried about the sun and heat and babies and etc. But this time I was able to enjoy all of the sights..

JJ leads the way. In the sunny parts, there was no snow to be seen.

JJ tries to steal a kiss 🙂

Huge pictographs in the distance.

Look closely  — you can see these same 3 large dudes on the mountain.

I quite love the fact that JJ still gets tired and needs a lift from dad. I think dad likes it, too. These are 2 of my fav pics.

I’ll tell you what — it’s FREAKIN cold here in the winter! I love love LOVE these “frozen” pics. I really did feel like I was in a winter wonderland. Even the kids were acting like happy little penguins, running and sliding and ooh-ing and ahh-ing.

This kinda reminds me of a salty margarita

awesome huge icicles

Harry the penguin

I dug up this old pic of us at the falls a bunch of years ago. We have this one hanging in our living room. I always loved it. Now we have these new ones to hang up. This place rules!

circa 2009-ish

Older, Taller, Colder 2015

It’s almost a new year. What are you going to squeeeeeeze into 2015?

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