Petroglyphs, dino tracks, and a sweet fort. #sundayfunday

I got this problem.. it’s called I Can’t Sit Still. I know it drives my family insane some days, but the weather was killer (65 and bluest skies in the west). Living in Kanab has it perks, but when the nearest Target is 3 hours round trip, a quick shopping trip is not ever part of the agenda. It’s an all-day affair. I couldn’t imagine spending all day in a car or store, so I planned a little detour (sneaky mom grin).

On the way we hit up 3 awesome sites that included dino tracks, an old mormon fort, and some sweeet petroglyphs.

Warner Valley dinosaur tracks

Frickin’ sweet panel (didn’t expect to see this!!)

Fort Pearce

Good stuff! And all (reasonably) on the way to Costco 🙂 ha

I was really surprised that I hadn’t heard of this cool little valley before. It’s called Warner Valley and it’s somewhere between Hurricane, UT and St. George (throw in a little off-roading).

My friend Matt had told me about this life size pictograph in the area. Unfortunately we didn’t find it on this trip (maybe next weekend?) but we did find some really REALLY cool surprises.

1.) Dinosaur tracks!

See the big track in the foreground. And skippy in the background.

JJ for size

2.) FORT

According to the BLM: “The Fort Pierce Historic Site is one of only three remaining stone guard posts built during Utah’s Black Hawk War. This ‘war’ was actually a period of intermittent raiding between 1865 and 1870, during which the Ute Tribe, led by Chief Black Hawk (Antonga), and other Native Americans allies attempted to drive the Mormons from the Ute traditional homelands… More than 100 Native Americans and at least 70 Mormons were killed during the raiding,”

JJ’s fort

Fort Pearce

 3.) Unexpected crazy cool petroglyph panels

We started to follow this tiny trail, looking for the Red Man petroglyph, but instead found a bunch of really interesting rock art high in the alcoves of the rocky mountainside.

necklace rock

cowboy glyphs

sweet swirls

I love this very old cowboy glyph. In the 1800’s, this route was traveled by mormons heading to the newly-completed St. George Temple to get married. Fort Pearce was a common camping/resting spot and many transcribed their names on these “walls”. honeymoon trail and that is why there is so many names. 

upside down man

Harry making mom nervous

ET and grill

 It was a pretty great trip to Target 🙂

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