Baggin’ Delano Peak: Flowers, Snow, and the most impressive views EVER!

Took my breath away — litereally

My most happy place and new favorite forest

Steve knows that the way to my heart is a really hard hike with breath-taking views. I suggested that we check out the Tushar Mountains on the way home from Salt Lake because there’s a killer Ultramarathon that I’m hoping to run in August. (Hey runners reading this — info on the Tushars Ultra is found here.)

Everyone I know who ran the race last year said two things: Hardest Race EVER. And, most beautiful country EVER. Basically you cover 50 plus miles traversing a rugged, foresty and mountainous landscape and ultimately summit Delano Peak. Delano Peak is the highest point in the Tushar Mountain Range of south-central Utah. Bonus is that many times you see herds of really cute, fluffy white mountain goats.

We exited the highway in Beaver, UT and drove a bunch of very windy, beautiful and somewhat scary miles up a mountain and onto a rugged back road. We found a parking spot near a very faded trail and began hiking to what we hoped was the route to Delano Peak (spoiler — it was!)

Still feeling pretty fresh 🙂

Kinda trippy hiking through snow in July

The hike was fairly straight-forward: follow this very faint trail that sometimes disappears and if it does, just keep hiking UP and towards the highest point you see. At over 12,000 ft in elevation, it was not the easiest hike, but the views were so freakin fantastic. Between the snow and the brilliant yellow, purple and pink flowers, I was falling in love pretty hard 🙂

Feeling a little bit like the Sound of Music

As we approached the summit, the wind really picked up. I joked that it was a good things our kids weren’t along or else they’d be blown right off the mountain. Then it nearly happened to me. It was SO WINDY!!!

wind-blown at the summit

we made it!

We didn’t see any mountain goats this time around. But the hike and views made me long to come back and explore more. Gorgeous place, so peaceful and stunning. And now I can cross this one of my adventure list 🙂


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