Bridal Veil Falls – An oasis in the desert

More beautiful then expected. Towering. Cascading. Gorgeous!

I love waterfalls. They are even more spectacular in the desert, where they are completely unexpected in an environment that gets very little rain. On a recent trip to Salt Lake, I was on a mission to take a side diversion to Bridal Veil Falls, a tiered waterfall in Provo Canyon, about 45 minutes south of SLC.

The neat thing about Bridal Veil Falls is that it is easily accessible to anyone. No 4wd needed. It’s just right off of the road in a lovely canyon surrounded by towering mountains.

The short hike (on paved trail) lead us to the base of the beautiful falls. There were tons of families wading in the water and a few brave souls climbing up the actual falls. Steve and I fell slightly in the middle. We started to hike up the rocky, steep trail to the right of the falls, and ultimately crossed the stream midway up and climbed right straight into the mist. Blissful!

On the way up

We made it to as far as legally allowed πŸ™‚

Enjoying the mist

Highly recommend this hike/swim/stroll. Great for any age. Great on a hot day. Oh! And, if you are a real adventurist, great for winter ice fall climbing πŸ™‚


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