Cave Valley Pictographs and killer Zion views

There’s this place near Zion National Park that makes my heart melt. It’s simply a field. A field of beautiful yellow. A yellow field with pink mountains and brilliant blue skies with billowy white clouds. I imagine that my heaven looks something like this. It’s my favorite road in the entire world and it weaves in and out of Zion National Park boundary.

JJ is living my dream right here.

This weekend we took a drive to this, my favorite spot in the entire world, and parked. And explored. And found some of the most amazing rock art I’ve ever seen. (Thanks to my secret adventure guru who gives me directions to these freaking spectacular places!)

This place, I have come to learn, is called Cave Valley. Aptly so, as we discovered at least a half dozen caves. Two held unimaginable treasures (well, one had a creepy bone altar, but still…)

First cave we came to. Really unique pictographs (confirmed that they are indeed legit)

I love this panel. Super amazing colors!

Close up of dude

JJ’s new house. I love the wallpaper 🙂

close up of the white guys

Yellow fellow

dark man of mystery

JJ ponders the meaning of life
Kids, making me nervous, with giant rock above heads.

After spending some good time checkin’ out every nook and cranny of this amazing cave, Harry found a path leading farther into the valley, which led to yet another cave. But this one was different.  There was just this weird feeling or vibe (or maybe I had been watching too many episodes of Stranger Things)…

Entrance to The Bone Altar CAVE

Ok, first of all, the cave was super creepy. There were bones all over the place. But as we headed to the back of this big hole in the mountain, something because very clear. There were more bones. And more. And some sort of altar for these bones. And weird black gooey looking walls and it was very scary. Harry liked it. I was freaked out. JJ wanted to leave. Steve was kinda like Wha what??

Those are bones. like a million bones.

come cool old glyphs in creepy cave

awesome perfect arrowheads. A sacrifice to the Bone god?

You see those perfectly splayed arrowheads? Yeh, they were on the altar, too. I envisioned this movie playing in my head of like.. picking up an arrowhead to check it out and a big boulder closing in the tomb and sealing our fate 🙂 Ha! So, we just took a pretty picture and went on our merry way.

The rest of the afternoon was spent climbing up other random rocks and caves, running through mom’s favorite field (so I could take like 100000 more pics of it) and then driving on what I’m gonna call the 2nd most scenic road in southern Utah — Smith Mesa backway. Here are just a few of my favorite scenic pics.

I love this guy. He has a nice view.

This is JJ’s “when are we going home” face. (say that in your head with a whiny voice)


Pretty much the most perfect Sunday. Until next adventure… Peace 🙂

  • WOW!!!!!! This place is amazing and glad you didn't venture into the creepy cave!!!! Good to go with your instincts. Don't want to run into a Mountain Lion den!!!!!! Awesome photos!

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