Southern Utah petroglyphs and dino tracks

I’ll never take for granted the fact that I live in one of the most beautiful, remote, culturally rich and treasure-filled places in the world.

Parowan Gap needs to be on everyone’s “must see” list when visiting southern Utah. It’s only a few miles from Cedar City and it’s well worth the drive.

Here are a few of the petroglyphs that you can see while exploring the valley:

The coolest part is that every time you look up, you see new glyphs! The kids had so much fun “hunting” for new rock art.

There are also dinosaur tracks about 2 miles away. DINO TRACKS! (as if this place couldn’t get any cooler)

dino track in rock (next to JJ’s head top right)

That’s one huge footprint!!!

Parowan Gap is rich in ancient treasures. I give it two thumbs up for just about anyone! No hiking required (unless you want to!)

Go! Explore!

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