Shot Put Man and mystery glyphs

Every weekend I go on the internet looking for somewhere new to explore. I found a blog about this elusive man carved into a rock near Cedar City, UT. Locals refer to him as Shot Put Man. Going on just a few bits and pieces of info, we headed over the mountain in search of this dude.

Super happy to report that we found him 🙂 Can you see him??!

Snackin’ with the shot put dude

Pretty gnarly

In the same general area, just ‘upstream’ in the dry wash, there were also reports of mystery glyphs. These were a lot harder for people to find, but after some sleuthing I found some gps coordinates (super helpful random blog person). There are some really neat legends surrounding these hieroglyphics. The story goes that the mormon angel Moroni put these symbols on a rock. I need to do some more research because it’s super interesting to me. What do they mean??!?

JJ and the mystery glyphs

close up of the cool rock art

The fam

Another bonus of driving to Cedar City in the fall



Lava fields and quaking aspens. Perfection!

Can you spot us 🙂

A giant field of lava

I should note this was the second time trying to find the Shot Put Man and mystery glyphs. But once you know where to look, it’s really not that hard at all! Here’s a clue — about 1/4 mile from Cedar City on hwy 14, you will see a pull off on the left side of road. Drive a few yards and park. You will hike up a small drainage on your left and not very far at all is the man. To get to the gylphs.. well, you have to find those yourself 🙂


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