Delicate Arch at sunrise

For my big 4-0, I wanted to do something really special. I love delicate arch. It’s so beautiful and fragile. It’s on our license plate and it’s such a landmark and icon in Utah. Last time (years and years ago) that we were in Moab, the boys were both under 3 and very whiny so we couldn’t hike to the arch. Fast forward 6 years and they were pumped UP to see this fantastic superstar.

Years ago, you could hike up to the arch and see a few people along the way. But now, Moab is slammin’ with people from across the universe who visit our amazing state and see these cool structures. There was no other option for us than to try to reach the arch by sunrise. That meant getting up at 4 am, strap on our headlamps, and navigate a dark and rocky slickrock trail to the destination. We truly thought we’d be the only crazy ones. Nope 🙂

5 am start

sun just peaking

I love this pic. so dumb, I know.. but I just got a text from my mom saying Happy Birthday 🙂

All the die-hards

Delicate arch was even more spectacular than I had imagined. That doesn’t happen too often. It was just so beautiful, standing there all alone and majestic.

Our crew

sometimes they can be this way 🙂

this was all I wanted 🙂


chilly and sleepy
added bonus — petroglyphs!! 

This really was, truly, the best birthday I can remember. So happy to spend it with my favorite people. Here’s to 40 (or more?) more!

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