Snake Gulch pictographs and ruins near Kanab


just one of like 100000000 pictographs in this canyon

Located just about 30 miles from Kanab, UT, Snake Gulch is a really spectacular canyon that is located in the Kanab Creek Wilderness.

What makes this stretch of land so amazing is the fact that there are hundreds of pictographs that vary in style and color. Some looks like spacemen, some looks like warriors. There is art depicting turkeys and antelopes. There are vibrant yellow, blue and red glyphs. Everywhere you look, there are more!

The pictographs are accessed via a mostly flat single track trail with no obstacles (unless you count annoying prickery weeds) so it makes for a perfect hike for just about anyone who wants a nice long hike in a beautiful place (note: to get to the biggest and best panels, you must go about 6 miles one way, but there are glyphs starting after just a couple miles).

The first time we ever came out here, we missed SO MANY drawings because we just didn’t know where to look. Well, look AT EVERY WALL and you’ll see 100000000 pictographs 🙂

Blue Man
I don’t know why these guys remind me of my varsity sweater from high school
My first foray into running after months of injury. Not a bad place 🙂
Weird and kinda scary
nice family portrait
exploring high up places
ancient pokemon
Love these pineapple dudes
Old graineries with 1000 year old corn cobs
Making Steve nervous 🙂
Glyphs at Table Rock
These guys are life-size
Bender from Futurama??
Space man
Steve and his bounty hunters

Highly recommend this place! Go with enough time!!! Make it a full day. You will just get sucked into the art of the hunt 🙂 Have fun and respect the art.

To get to the Snake Gulch Trailhead drive one-mile south of Fredonia, Arizona on Highway 89A. Look for FS 22 on the right side near a building and turn right on the paved road. Follow the mostly paved road for 21 miles where another road comes in on the left. Continue on the now dirt road FS 22 for another 1.5 miles and locate FS 423 on the right, then turn right. Follow 423 for 1.3 miles and turn right onto FS 642 and follow this road for 2.6 miles to the parking lot and trailhead for Snake Gulch. Be sure to register at the trailhead.

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