Emerald Pools in winter – Zion Rocks!

Very chilly hike to the falls at Zion National Park

I love the off-season at Zion National Park. There are fewer crowds to navigate and you get to experience the beauty of Utah from a unique perspective — sometimes there is snow. Or waterfalls. Or icy streams. You are likely to see some baby big horn sheep — or bald eagles.

All smiles.. chilly smiles.

I’m lucky to have kids that are not afraid of the cold. They also love to get dirty. We’ve been hiking with these kiddos since they were just a few weeks old. It’s in their DNA.


racing the trails. Foggy Zion.

I hope my kids always keep these moments close — and never forget the adventures we have as they grow up in wild Utah. They are so lucky. They have more adventures in a month than I had in my entire childhood. I think it’s important for them to grow up exploring. And being outside in nature. Learning to love and protect the Earth.

My bffs

“ok mom, enough.”

Get outside — explore, love, respect, protect. This is our planet. Be kind to her and all that live here.

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