Southern Utah waterfalls and watering holes


Harry and I needed a day to forget about the stressful week. This kid is so much like his mom. We are both very sensitive and emotional. I’ve learned to cope mostly through physical activity. When I’m doing something physical — whether it’s running 50 miles, or trying to crank out 10 pull-ups, my “inner-worrier” morphs into my “inner-warrior”. That’s what this little outing was all about.

Harry had a rough week at school. A couple melt-downs, many tears, and a whole lot of worries. But today we were going to hike a whole lot, and I think we both came out of it feeling brand new. Strong. Courageous. And brave.

Snow and sand. I love the southern Utah desert!

We headed to St. George for a new scene. We don’t hike here very often. So we had a whole lot of options. I wanted to find this cool spot that I had seen photos of. It was a watering hole at the Red Cliffs Recreation Area. On most days, this spot is swarming with people and kids and families. But it is winter now. And there was also some road work being done so you could not just drive to the trailhead. You had to hoof it.

We lucked out. We only saw ONE other person! We had the trail all to ourselves.

We came to a few obstacles.. but Harry conquered them like a boss.

We even found a cave with petroglyphs!!!

This is such a SWEEEET place. We really lucked out. These outings are memories I will hold dear for as long as I live. I love this kid — he’s so awesome. My adventure buddy!


Best day with my Best bud 🙂

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