Zion Overlook: the perks of living in Kanab


 It’s a pretty good deal living in Kanab, UT. Kanab is literally smack in the middle of so SO many cool places and National Parks.

Zion National Park is just 25 miles away and when the work/school-week gets a little stressful, it’s a sure bet that Mom is gonna suggest a hike in Zion to end the day.

The boys at the end of the Zion Overlook Trail

 The Zion Overlook trail is perfect if you are looking for a short (only about 1.5 miles round trip), scenic, and awe-inspiring hike. We’ve done it practically 1 million times, give or take, and it never gets old. EVER!

JJ making mom a little nervous (no worries, he’s actually not about to jump)

“Harry, smile.”

I love these two

Short break

Zion — you slay me


I will never stop exploring. I love you, Utah. I love you, Zion. You have my heart <3

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