Raven’s Crack and Basket Site in Cane Beds, AZ


We set out to find a crap-ton of petroglyphs in Cane Beds, AZ.

ON DAY ONE: (read about that trip here) we found a bunch of cool glyphs and panels, but we didn’t find the elusive Duck Head person who is kinda a big deal in ancient folklore. (read about the Duck person)

DAY TWO: Oh man. I feel like we hit the lottery. We set out to find a really cool panel of glyphs and ultimately found 3 rock art sites and a very awesome ruin.

This might be my favorite — a deer with internal organs

Main panel at the Basket Site

I’m kinda excited πŸ™‚ Part of same Basket Site panel

backside of panel
More cool glyphs — ghostly, amazing.

Harry hoofed it up the mountain to check this out. He was very impressed.

In an ancient ruin. Being very careful not to touch/disturb.

Cool guys

First duck head guy (another to come later)

funny cartoonish person?(?)

This was on the ceiling… a basket?

Next was on to find the elusive “Raven’s Crack” site. There’s an upper and lower crack. I just wanted to find the Duck dude. πŸ™‚ Down the road we drove — and then took a left hand turn onto a very, very sandy track to the end. Basically we headed straight towards a gigantic crack in the mountains.

Here’s what we found!

JJ in the crack

JJ be all like “IT’S THE DUCK PERSON!!!!!!!”

Sand angels and glyphs

Come cool deers and sheep

My fav — Indian Paintbrush

A very, very exhilarating and humbling weekend. It’s pretty amazing to try and wrap your brain around all of the people living here thousands of years ago — what they must have thought and how tough and brave they were to live in the desert — it’s very special to visit these sites and have a glimpse into their lives.


Keep on exploring!

  • I can't find Ravens Crack. Visited Basket Site (Found another same level south of there real nice art). Drove North and took a sandy road at a corral to the left and went all the way back but the crack there was empty. Can your provide location I can trade for locations of quite a few waterglyphs or other locations

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