Fostering kittens: a fun, life-saving job

Tiny kittens need extra special care that foster families can easily provide.

Living in a house with two animal-loving human children (ages 8 and 10), many weekends consist of going to the Best Friends Animal Society visitor center in Kanab (where we live) to see the latest arrivals to the kitten room. Saturday mornings is Kittens and Coffee — so kids get kitten fix, and mom gets caffeine πŸ™‚ A couple weekends ago, when we arrived at the kitten room, there was a poster hanging up on the wall that was advertising for foster homes. Well of course my 8 year old, JJ, saw the sign and with pleading puppy dog eyes, asked if we could foster a litter of kittens. It went something like “please!! please please!!! PLEASE!!! I will take care of them! They can live in my room! please!!!!” (well — of course I couldn’t say NO!)

JJ and Bowie

Little Ms. Glamorous

Iggy and Bowie — “leave us alone — we sleepy.”

The cutest, happiest little sprite in the world!

It really didn’t take long for us to all decide as a family that we should foster a litter of kittens. After all, fostering kittens would be a win-win for everyone. The kittens would have a safe, fun place to live until they were big enough to be spayed/neuter (and ultimately adopted), this would free up room in the kitten nursery for more at-risk kitties, and it would also teach my boys a lot about responsibility (not just in the caring/feeding/socializing aspect — but why it’s important to spay/neuter to prevent a whole lot of kittens — in the most PG rated version of things. At their young ages, we’ve instilled in them the importance of rescue work — and that by fostering kittens — they would be preparing these little fuzzballs for a happy and bright future.

Harry takes his job as kitten papa very seriously

kids can learn a lot of good values by fostering kittens!

This is Roxy. She is so sweet and teeny.

We got the ball rolling right away — I emailed the foster coordinator that very day — and by the evening we were “in waiting” for more detailed instructions on our furry arrivals. We got the kitten room (otherwise known as JJ’s room) all ready to go — made sure there were no tiny pieces of toys laying round, lots of comfy cat beds and blankets, water bowls and cat toys all placed strategically for the new little kids. This would be our first time fostering kittens, so we wanted to make sure we had everything in order!

The very next day were were bringing home Iggy, Bowie, Roxy and Glamour. 10 week old bundles of adorableness. Equal parts of playful, curious, naughty and nice. We asked the foster coordinator if we should allow them to meet our cat-friendly pooch, knowing that exposure (and acceptance) to dogs can up the chance of a kitten getting adopted. We got the green light, and were anxious to see how the kittens would react to Flora.

you’re gonna be ok, wee one.. we gotcha covered πŸ™‚

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