Flora the kitten whisperer

Flora is all smiles with her little buddy, Iggy.

After 2 days of settling in, we slowly introduced Flora to the foster kittens. ALL four of them immediately walked over to her, completely unfazed by her larger than life appearance. They were so curious and brave. They were pretty much like “oh HI!” I don’t think Flora knew how to react to that!

Iggy was the first brave boy — he went right up and sniffed her nose. She gently brought her face down to meet his. He did not flinch of hiss. She got this huge smile on her face and then the other 3 came trotting over to say hello. She laid down on the floor and Glamour (the smallest of the litter) slowly approached her nose. Flora remained very still and Glamour gave her a bunch of little sniffs. She backed away and then approached another time from the side. She climbed up Flora’s side and sniffed her ears and eyes. Flora stayed very still and had a squinty smile on her face. It was SO CUTE!!

“ever get that feeling that you’re being watched…”

“Are you my mommy?”

We allowed Flora to mingle with the kittens every day. She gets so happy when they approach her. Bowie (the tuxy boy) started to groom Flora. He also buts his little paws around her legs and hugs them. Flora just closes her eyes and starts to smile.

Bowie nuzzles


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