Duck Head Man + Kokopelli = WINNING!

My 2 fav characters on ONE ROCK! #winning

It’s always exciting to find new petroglyphs — but today was especially awesome because the two guys seen above are such icons in the rock art world. And to have them both on one panel was pretty frickin special. Kokopelli (the humpbacked flute player) and the guy with a duck on his head (that one is rare — most of the time the duck replaces the head, he doesn’t sit on his head!) are my two all-time favorite characters.

These glyphs were hard to find — it took quite a bit of legwork and exploration. SO FUN! Nearly every rock had some sort of drawing on it. We also found a rare and elusive pictograph — the Ghost of Iron County. These guys really wanted to stay hidden. I promised I wouldn’t share their secret.

The ghost of Iron County

Awesome day with friends — really feel fortunate to live in such a special place. Always remember to protect these places – don’t touch, scratch, walk on, or deface the art. (duh!)

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