Twisted Hoodoo craziness

I’m totally obsessed with this place! Located kinda near Page, AZ (Churchwells, to be more precise), this super remote and other-wordly place is called Colorful Canyon. And it’s FANTASTIC! Uh huh.

Where’s Waldo?

We set out to find the Twisted Hoodoo — a really top heavy rock spire with a big bulky rock hat placed on top of a skinny twisted body. 🙂 (I think that’s maybe the best way to describe it)

Swagger approves of this place

The entire adventure was pretty rad. The hike is weird and sandy — and you won’t see a single human being (maybe an alien or two).

You can see below why this place is called Colorful Canyon. The rocks are literally bright pink and purple with a splash of yellow here and there.

Colorful Canyon

JJ takes a breather on this wacky yellow stool


Lunch break!

Wow that was fun! Can’t wait to go back. LATER!

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